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2014-Rev up!
The Disability Voting Action Project (DVAP) wnats YOU to help increase the political power of Texans With disabilities and our allies. Help us establish the disability community as an educated, strong, and mobilized voting constituency! Visit DVAP website to join this improtant and historic effort! Everyone is welcome - DVAP is a nonpartisan organization.

2014-Be a part of Texas Disability history!
The "Disability Vote" is the sleeping giant that hos been awakened!!! People with disabilities, Family members, providers, professionals and bureaucrats can be the vote that decides the outcome of this transformational election in Texas.
The forum is being held on September 24th (in Austin) is one way you can find out what the position the candidates have on disability issues. You must register to assure a space at the Forum. Stipends and money for gas may be available.
For info: CTD 512-478-3366
              ADAPT/DVAP 512-442-0252
Go to this link for more info: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50324/p/salsa/web/common/public/content?content_item_KEY=13650             

MARCH 20, 2009

These photos, courtesy of the Corpus Christi Caller Times, were taken at a rally we organized in front of the Corpus Christi State School last Friday. We had representatives from CBCIL, Community Now! out of Austin, and the Coastal Bend-Texas Advocates protesting the "fight clubs" exposed at the school and the lack of remediation of this deplorable condition.

One of the immediate goals was to attempt to further journalistic education so that media do a better job of informing the public on the issues involved from a consumer/advocate standpoint. We had great media coverage. Although we were only 20 in number, that was pretty substantial for this community!